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Success Stories

• James Pearson: down 25 pounds!

• Vicky Martin: four dress sizes!

• Sarah Norwood: 20 pounds!

• Alex Durgens: 40 pounds!!

With all of the weight loss options on the net these days, we don't blame you for being skeptical about our services. On The Way Fitness doesn't just talk the talk; check out our testimonials and see what we've helped people just like you accomplish in less time than they ever imagined!

• Dedicated, proven one-on-one training

• Fitness AND Nutrition consultations

• Private, fully equppied studio

• Open availability to fit your needs

At On The Way Fitness, we put the 'personal' back in Personal Training. We aren't driven by sales numbers or a bottom line; our goal is simply to get you the results you deserve with techniques and training that's customed tailored for your lifestyle.


Why Us?


Our Services

• One-on-One and Small Group Personal Training

• Boot Camp classes

• Nutrition consultations

• In-home training available (mileage additional)

On The Way Fitness is a full-range fitness boutique. From small group training, down to private, in-home sessions we provide all the services you'll need to reach your goals. We also network with various health providers to offer additional enhancements to your regimine such as massage and body treatments.


The Best Talent for the Best Results

On The Way Fitness Credo:

We believe that all people can achieve their fitness goals by setting gradual steps towards growth and improvement. We believe that fitness is a lifestyle and not simply a quick fixe. People can live a more healthy, fulfilling life if they are committed to consistent exercise and nutrition. Feeling healthy and strong is a vital part of living a happy life, and anyone can benefit from a personal training program regardless of their age or experience.

We believe workouts should be fun, interactive and challenging based on an individual's needs and goals. We combine flexibility, conditioning and strength training to build an overall balanced program. We like to incorporate a wide variety of exercises to keep sessions fresh, interesting and dynamic!

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